Andrew Barnes

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Share Contributions

This article will take a quick break from the New York Release feature onslaught. The ServiceNow Community is near and dear to my heart. One of those reasons is the willingness of the members to share their experiences, answer questions, and directly share useful utilities and applications for free. The most used mechanism for that is hosted here on the developer website under the share banner. The Editors Choice will now be populated by the Developer Advocates Dave Slusher and Andrew Barnes. You can help promote a lesser-known share item to us in the comments of this article.

System Status

This widget overhaul by Andrew Dor is very polished! Andrew takes the OOB system status page and widgets and adds some neat new features and visual enhancements. The ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to the status records is useful and well done. Check out the video and share details for more information. Great work, Andrew!

Developer Context menu for Fields

Improving the lives of developers is always an attractive share item for developers to add for themselves. The contextual menu additions to fields Earl Duque has put together is useful and straightforward. The new options are copy: Field Name, Field Value, and Field Display value. No need to show XML and find the entry, or visit the dictionary to get these data points. Bonus for them being copied to your clipboard. Check out and download this share item today.


I was trying to find a third under appreciated share item that I would or do use. Several contenders were there for documentation of update sets and applications, but they are not quite ready for prime time. SNDocs to the rescue built by Callum Ridley, and highlighted previously on the blog. With that, I won’t add much more than the link to the share item and hope more adoption comes for this great utility.

Future Editors Choice items

Please leave a comment detailing why the share item you use and love should be spotlighted or put up on editors choice in the future below. As always, keep sharing and caring. The ServiceNow Community is built brick by brick with your contributions.