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General availability (GA) for the Utah Release of ServiceNow is here (March 22, 2023)!

While the Developer Program has been working on creating Utah content for you all, our 2023 ServiceNow Developer MVPs and Community MVPs have these things to share with you all about Utah:


Amit Gujarathi (LinkedIn)

Among the various features of the Utah release, I have found the Table Builder feature to be particularly useful in creating mappings with extended tables and the beautiful schema view. The Workspace Builder and Experience Template have also been valuable tools in my work. I am currently exploring the RPA Hub and Document Intelligence enhancements, which have immense potential. The Flow Designer and UI Builder enhancements are also noteworthy, and the Theme Builder is my personal favorite as it simplifies the life of a developer.

I believe all these features of the Utah release make it easier for developers to produce quality work.

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Atul Grover (LinkedIn)

My favorite feature in Utah is Next Experience enhancement like - Announcements, Notification, Discuss, and Following at record level along this CMDB 360. The Next experience will enhance the user experience from a native view and be helpful for fulfiller and CMDB 360, No words, an amazing feature, 1 stop place for configuration manager and it actually provides 360 views. No more tables, no more reports, get all CMDB in 1 place, time-saving, quick data, and real data.

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Brad Bowman (LinkedIn)

I am extremely excited about the Auto-populate function for Catalog Item variables that Mark Roethof has done such a great job of promoting: Community Article

Not since the introduction of the Multi Row Variable Set have I seen a new feature with more impact on my daily work. This functionality is not new in what it delivers, but a drastic improvement in the ease of achieving variable population based on a reference variable, by eliminating the need for a Catalog Client Script which calls the (controversial) getReference function, or a GlideAjax Script Include. The simplicity of this implementation is beautiful, leading to immediate adoption and success with zero training/guidance needed. The thoroughness of the solution is also much appreciated with the ability to dot-walk to related fields on the referenced table, as well as it working onLoad, AND when the dependent variable changes. Brillant!!!

Ebony Akkebala (LinkedIn)

The Theme Builder for is one of the best features of the Utah release. Itbs especially helpful for those Citizen Developers that are looking for ways to brand and style the instance without having to write script. It just goes to show that ServiceNoe can be used by anyone and that there does not have to be hundreds of lines of code to create a personalized instance for clients and customers.

Gunjan Kiratkar (LinkedIn)

I’ve explored the Auto-populate feature of the Utah release, and it’s simply amazing. Previously, we had to use either the default value or Client script and script include to retrieve data from such fields, but now you’ve made it very simple; simply select the dependent field and that’s it.

Check out Gunjan’s video on the auto-populate feature

Jesalyn Smith (LinkedIn)

I’m excited about the numerous quality of life features in Utah like the ability to see search results from all menus, no matter which menu you’re using! This has simplified my workflow since I’ll no longer have to toggle between the different navigation menus to find what I need.

Martin Ivanov (LinkedIn)

Being more of a back-end guy, my top pick is the Theme Builder. It enables me to easily create and manage themes with an intuitive, guided experience. The best thing is that it generates the code and I do not need to take care of it. I absolutely enjoyed the Theme Builder in Utah - Creator Toolbox. I was: WOW, now even I can create a beautiful theme too!

Philip Swann (LinkedIn)

Most excited about the latest features on the Utah store release of GRC: common control framework and risk appetite. (I know our customers are hungry for it!) ..plus updates to the workspace..

Prashant Kumar (LinkedIn)

One of the good features of UTAH I liked about is the “Document Intelligence” feature where we can extract information from long tables and checkboxes. This could be of more use for some of the clients where a lot of documents are added to the system for information gathering.

Check out Prashant’s video on all things Utah

Sandeep Dutta (LinkedIn)

I am excited about the features added in the IRM space, there is a heavy investment being done on the workspace experiences in different workspaces in IRM specially. What makes my life easy is the comfort which I have with the workspace as it creates a user-friendly journey and ease of navigation.

Another Feature is the UI Theme Builder, this is a amazing feature being added as you can now have the feel of belonging or ownership towards your organization as you can now create a theme with no code and make it as how you want it look like.

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Willem Zeiler (LinkedIn)

The Utah release is awesome! For me the features in Utah that I am most excited about are:

  • Improved Document Intelligence: You can continue to train the model, monitor the performance via the dashboard, and continually improve. Typing over long tables from a huge PDF is now a thing of the past.
  • Mobile improvement. I think more customers will benefit from having the power of ServiceNow in their hand: Multi instance support, barcode scanning, signature input, and even deep links. A clear YES to mobile for me!
  • And the final one: The Theme builder. Very accessible lowcode solution to make your instance even more awesome! And yes, during a Hackathon it NEEDS to be the new dark theme.

Check out Willem’s upcoming Utah webinar (co-speaker)

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