Andrew Barnes

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VS Code Extension


We are happy to announce a new VS Code Extension for interacting with ServiceNow offline. Community-created VS Code extensions have existed for some time. The ServiceNow version hopes to grow with your feedback and use. You can find the documentation on the developer site. As developers, we are not always able to have stable internet connections so that the offline capabilities will be a boon for those situations. On top of the offline capabilities, the team has put together a great experience for developers.

The Now VS Code extensions goal is to enable developers to take advantage of IDE capabilities directly on their local machine. It is leveraging intelligent code completion, code suggestions, linting, code snippets, and suggestions. Multiple applications can be worked on and offer two-way sync and unified diff. Update sets and applications are respected and selectable. The Sync process only works against the currently selected application and update set.

Run in Background

One of the most powerful features is in the contextual menu - select a block of code, right-click, and then run in background script is available to you. The results are returned right into the editor, cutting down on the need to visit the browser.

Compare and Show XML

The contextual menu for the files allows for getting the XML for the record. While compare will enable you to invoke a diff with the server entry before performing any sync.

Quick Overview Video

Get started today

Visit the Visual Studio Marketplace and get the extension today. You can check out the FAQ on community to find commonly asked questions. Note: the Node.js 8.0 requirement. Please provide feedback in the comments here. If you have ideas for improvement, you can use the new Idea Portal in Community.