Guided Tour

Dave Slusher

3 minute read

Guided Tours is a ServiceNow feature that doesn’t get quite its due as the powerhouse it is. It is really a great way to increase user satisfaction and remove that bit of frustration when rolling out new functionality in your instance. Inside the Developer Program itself, when we rolled out a feature for Meetup reimbursements we added a Guided Tour to explain all the steps. In New York, there are a few key enhancements to make this great feature even better.

Josh Nerius

3 minute read

Jakarta introduces an exciting new feature called the Guided Tour Designer. Guided tours interactively walk users through the major components of an application. Here’s a 30 second animation that demonstrates a Guided Tour in action on the SLA Definition table.

The Guided Tour Designer allows you to build tours like the one you saw in the animation into the applications you create. In this post, I’m going to walk through the process of creating a simple guided tour for the “NeedIt” application used in the Developer Training content.