Earl Duque

3 minute read

You younguns’ have it lucky, back in my day we had to walk uphill five miles and create our own order guide sequencing work-arounds, in the snow! In order guides, multiple catalog items are ordered in the same request, initiating a request item (RITM) for each catalog item. But for some use-cases, we do not want one request item to begin until another request item is done. Yes, that’s right, with the San Diego release of ServiceNow Order Guide sequencing is easy and fully flexible!

Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Learn more about two new features of Paris, Process Automation Designer and Playbook from the man who knows - Software Engineering Manager Yaron Guez. We take you through the features and even some behind the scenes looks at where we come up with ideas and features for platform capabilities like this. Listen Subscribe to Break Point Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Spotify Amazon Music Stitcher TuneIn RSS

Lisa Holenstein

5 minute read

There are many applications and teams in ServiceNow today that may be participating in your business processes. Simple processes are easy enough to handle, like basic requests requiring approval and a task or two. Once different departments are involved, like when requesting a new office setup, it becomes more complicated. Multiple teams will be involved, like IT, Workplace Services, or HR for approvals. Process Automation Designer (PAD) is a new application in Paris that will elevate your business processes to the next level.