Josh Nerius

4 minute read

As highlighted in What’s New for Developers in Istanbul - Integrations, APIs, Authentication, the Istanbul release introduced Outbound Web Services Logging. This feature is a major quality-of-life enhancement for anyone working with integrations, and some potential benefits include: Write fewer gs.debug/log/info/etc. statements in your code and simplify the debugging process Quickly pinpoint the source of an outbound HTTP request Look at the history of requests made by a particular integration Analyze the volume of requests made by a particular integration What gets logged?

Josh Nerius

3 minute read

RestMessageV2 API Applies to: Geneva, Helsinki and beyond. Have you ever needed to: Retrieve something using RESTMessageV2 Save that thing as an attachment on a record Do something with the newly generated attachment? This recently came up as a question over in the sndevs slack channel, and I realized that I knew how to accomplish #1 and #2, but didn’t know how to actually identify the attachment to achieve #3 without some ugly hacks.