Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Join the TechNow team as they go through everything you need to know about the most efficient way to get work done on the Now Platform: Workspace. In this episode the team will cover: An overview of Workspace, Understanding the personas involved with the Workspace experience, Exploring and configuring Workspace, Insights into the Workspace roadmap. Topics 00:00 Introductions 02:53 Agenda and related topics 04:45 Introduction to workspaces 16:15 Question: Pricing 17:16 Demo 20:35 Guided Setup 23:05 Categories & lists 27:15 Record view 28:20 Form Header 31:10 The ribbon 34:48 Form layout 36:55 The landing page and UI Builder 41:05 Adding a report 45:25 Setting the landing page order 47:02 Playbooks 51:07 Another peek at UI Builder 51:50 Top takeaways 52:18 Q & A 54:55 Event announcements 56:55 Sign off Links Knowledge 2021 Digital Experience Developer Portal Now Experience UI Framework Webinar: TechNow 78: Building Now Experience Components About: TechNow is a monthly show for ServiceNow admins, developers, and builders on a wide variety of platform features.

Andrew Barnes

4 minute read

New York features for Agent Workspace It is ServiceNow new release season! Time to dive in and check out enhancements to Agent Workspace. Agent Workspace introduced in Madrid. In the New York release, more configurations and options are developers for administrators and developers to enhance the experience for their users. You can check out the Docs release notes for items not covered in this article. Landing page Introduced in New York is the idea of a landing page for the workspace.