Dave Slusher

8 minute read

The ServiceNow Developer Program recently went on the road in the form of a road trip to India. This will be a bit of a departure for blog posts here in the form of a trip report. We will return you to your regular diet of nerdy technical posts shortly. India is an important market for the Developer Program. By any metric you choose to examine, it is always the second largest demographic behind the USA.

Josh Nerius

5 minute read

Last week, I attended the Integrate 2016 + API:World Conference & Expo (and Hackathon!) in San Jose. I met some great people, learned about some pretty interesting APIs and Integration products, and as a guy who spent his first several years with the ServiceNow platform working on APIs and building integrations, it was great getting to geek out on a subject I’ve grown to love. Hackathon I spent Saturday/Sunday hacking on the HPE Haven Sentiment API, meeting other developers, and was thoroughly impressed by the resulting hackathon projects.