Andrew Barnes

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Share Spotlight

Welcome to the second share spotlight! Every Friday we will be spotlighting a project from the Share site on the Developer Portal.

UI16 Developer Patch

For the next installment, we are featuring a project called UI16 Developer Patch authored by friend of the Developer Program and London Meetup organizer James Neale. This project adds two Global UI Scripts to add some quality of life adjustments for ServiceNow Developers specifically. It is one of the few share items that I consider a must for any ServiceNow instance where I spend much time developing. Additionally, the project is stored in a github repository and accepts feedback and contributions!

So, what does it do specifically? First and foremost the oldest feature in this share item is the expanded update set and applications drop down boxes. In case you don’t have the Show update set picker in header enabled, go do so now.

Wide update set boxes

In addition to expanded readability, it also adds contextual menus for both of those pickers. Update set menu:

Update Set Menu

Application Menu:

Application Menu

The fun doesn’t stop with the header though. It extends into the navigation menu. A new contextual menu is added her as well. The options in this menu are configurable and allow for developers to adjust them to suit their needs.

Navigation Menu

There are a few more gems inside this share item, but you can find those out after trying it out or reading more about them from the Github readme. I have shamelessly pulled the images from the github readme. Thanks to James for this share item.

Keep an eye on this space as every Friday we will provide a spotlight to another project on the Share site we think is worthy of attention. Have fun exploring!