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Generative AI Controller Brings Exciting New Capabilities to ServiceNow

ServiceNow just got a whole lot smarter. The latest Vancouver release introduces the Generative AI Controller, allowing developers to easily implement artificial intelligence in apps, scripts, and flows. In this episode of Live Coding Happy Hour, ServiceNow experts demonstrated how the new controller can generate text summaries, translate between languages and styles, and even suggest code to complete developers’ scripts. The Generative AI Controller unlocks a world of possibilities for augmenting human capabilities, reducing repetitive tasks, and enhancing the ServiceNow user experience.

To get started with the Generative AI Controller, developers first obtain an API key from OpenAI and connect it to their ServiceNow instance. Then they configure the Generative AI Provider property to select OpenAI as the provider. With the setup complete, the possibilities are endless.

For an in-depth look on how to get started with the Generative AI Controller, see this post.

In their first demonstration,we built a flow to automatically summarize incident descriptions when an incident is created. The flow triggers when an incident description is not empty and uses the Summarize action from the Generative AI Controller to generate a summary, which is added as a work note on the incident. The initial test produced a simple summary of a long description, demonstrating how the controller can condense verbose text into the key highlights.

We then explored using different styles, like pirate talk, to generate fun, whimsical summaries. We discovered the controller is capable of translating text into different languages and applying different styles. One speaker shared how he has used the controller to summarize qualitative survey responses and group them by sentiment.

As a surprise, we also showed off new Now Assist tools that utilize generative AI. One tool can generate code by interpreting developers’ comments. When I typed a comment to find related open incident tasks and cancel them, the controller instantly suggested the GlideRecord query to accomplish this. We also showed off the ability to do code auto-completion: the AI can suggest code to complete if statements, loops, and more based on the context provided in the comments.

The Generative AI Controller introduces groundbreaking AI capabilities to the ServiceNow platform. By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, the new controller can generate text, translate between styles, suggest relevant code, and moreball from a few words provided by the user. we were excited about how these tools can accelerate development and unlock new opportunities for automation and insight. With the Generative AI Controller, ServiceNow developers now have an AI-powered assistant ready to help at their fingertips. The future of work just got a lot more exciting thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.