Generative AI

Earl Duque Lauren McManamon Andrew Barnes

3 minute read

Catch the episode Generative AI Controller Brings Exciting New Capabilities to ServiceNow ServiceNow just got a whole lot smarter. The latest Vancouver release introduces the Generative AI Controller, allowing developers to easily implement artificial intelligence in apps, scripts, and flows. In this episode of Live Coding Happy Hour, ServiceNow experts demonstrated how the new controller can generate text summaries, translate between languages and styles, and even suggest code to complete developers’ scripts.

Earl Duque

6 minute read

The Generative AI Controller is releasing in the ServiceNow Platform Vancouver release. As the time of this post’s writing, it is currently limited availability, so if you want access to these plugins befoer they become generally available, please contact your account representive to inquire. This post is a walk-through on how to get started with the Generative AI Controller, there is more to explore outside of this post but we wanted to get you started quickly!