Chuck Tomasi

3 minute read

I’ve got three more Flow Designer enhancements to make your lives a bit easier. They are: Action instance ordering Ghost actions Duplicate action instance Action instance ordering The first is pretty straight forward. Prior to Paris, action numbering was “outline based”. Every time you added a new if, for each, or other action that created an indent level, a decimal was added on to your action numbers. While this may seem innocuous at first, it could make inline scripting challenging when referencing action 3.

Josh Nerius

5 minute read

In New for Developers in Kingston - Flow Designer, Action Designer, IntegrationHub, I touched on the basics of Flow Designer. In this post, I’ll spend some time exploring Flow Designer in more detail. Instead of trying to look at every aspect of Flow Designer in one post (that’d be a long post), I’m going to walk you through the process of creating a simple flow and we’ll touch on many of the core concepts in the process.