Chuck Tomasi

1 minute read

Jivanjot Kaur, Sr. Product Manager joins Chuck to talk about some of the cool things in Paris related to upgrades, ATF, and more. Find out how your next upgrade is going to be made even easier with Upgrade Center and the features it brings, and get a little insight to what’s coming in future releases. Listen Watch If you want to SEE a demo of upgrade Center in Paris, check out TechNow episode 79.

Brad Tilton

3 minute read

The Automated Test Framework received some incremental updates in the Paris release aimed at increasing test coverage and making testing a little easier for custom UIs. Add Attachments to Form (SP) Test Step The first of our Paris ATF enhancements is fairly straightforward, but really helpful if you need to write an automated test for attaching a file to a record through the form widget in the Service Portal. This would work on a record producer, catalog item, or record form using the form widget.

Andrew Barnes

3 minute read

Automated Test Framework You have likely heard of the Automated Test Framework (ATF) if you have been working with ServiceNow for more than a couple of months. Introduced in the Istanbul version, it has grown and been enhanced over time to allow for coverage of nearly all client interactions with the Now Platform. Even given that ATF has been present from Istanbul, there are still many existing projects that don’t utilize ATF due to not being available at the start of the project.

Dave Slusher

4 minute read

If you have followed my work as a developer advocate for ServiceNow at all, you will have noticed that I love automated testing. Even before the original release of the Automated Testing Framework, I presented on testing at Knowledge15. This is really a chunk of the platform close to my heart. This year at Knowledge18, Boris BC

Dave Slusher

6 minute read

The Istanbul release is here and as we do, here is an overview of some of the changes relevant to ServiceNow developer. This will be relatively brief, but in the coming days and weeks expect many posts digging into all of these aspects in detail. Javascript Debugger With Istanbul the JavaScript debugger has returned to the ServiceNow interface, completely rewritten and better than ever! Once again you can debug and step through server-side JavaScript code.