Andrew Barnes

3 minute read

Automated Test Framework You have likely heard of the Automated Test Framework (ATF) if you have been working with ServiceNow for more than a couple of months. Introduced in the Istanbul version, it has grown and been enhanced over time to allow for coverage of nearly all client interactions with the Now Platform. Even given that ATF has been present from Istanbul, there are still many existing projects that don’t utilize ATF due to not being available at the start of the project.

Andrew Barnes

5 minute read

Development Management I frequently get asked about managing development output when using Update Sets. Previous articles have covered individual aspects of update sets and batching before, but this entry will try to put the parts together. ServiceNow has update sets, application repository, plugins, store, share, and GitHub to hold and deploy application files. On top of development itself also contains best practices, code reviews, conflict management, manual testing, automated testing.