Dave Slusher

8 minute read

When we left Part 2 of this series, I had added an inbound email action to create GTD actions from forwarded emails. As this development project was always intended to be a demo tool as well, when it came time for us to do demos developing Angular Service Portal widgets I looked around for functionality to add. I had already done some experimentation with using ngMaterial to create a card interface for this Helsinki feature webinar so I decided to bring a similar interface into DoNow.

Dave Slusher

6 minute read

In my first part , I talked about the background of an application we are building. With this post, I want to get into the specifics of the first big problem I tackled. In my previous GTD implementation, I used Evernote as the main tool. One of the features I got for free with that was the ability to receive email from arbitrary email addresses. Evernote gives you a private email address that you can use to forward email to the system, where it will be converted into a note.

Dave Slusher

4 minute read

I have been working on a skunkworks project with ctomasi, josh.nerius and a few other people for months now as a low level background task. One of the downsides in working in an evangelism role is that sometimes you do lots of things to communicate about developing without actually doing any development yourself. In order to change that, we carved out a problem space that all of us were interested in, had an opportunity to improve toolsets and would be something that we ourselves would want to use every day.