Service Portal Widget

Dave Slusher

2 minute read

YouTube video: The Live Coding Team: dave.slusher, ctomasi, josh.nerius In this special early morning episode, we continue working with the Service Portal widget for the DoNow application that the members of this group are all working on. The focus this episode is to take the working frame of the widget and give it a little fit and finish to make it look more presentable using CSS. We add count badges, style them and work on styling the text of the widget.

Dave Slusher

8 minute read

When we left Part 2 of this series, I had added an inbound email action to create GTD actions from forwarded emails. As this development project was always intended to be a demo tool as well, when it came time for us to do demos developing Angular Service Portal widgets I looked around for functionality to add. I had already done some experimentation with using ngMaterial to create a card interface for this Helsinki feature webinar so I decided to bring a similar interface into DoNow.