Andrew Barnes

4 minute read

Recently I was asked to help get a GitHub bot working with ServiceNow as the backend. What was engaging with the requirements for GitHub bots was the authentication type required. Looking at this handy blog from Thai Angsakulyanont, it was interesting to see that while I have done methods 1,2,3, the bot requires method 4, which was quite the wrench. We have explored JWT here on the blog before from none other than Dave Slusher.

Dave Slusher

9 minute read

One of the many exciting features of the Madrid release is that inclusion of JWT (JSON Web Tokens) as a supported authentication type. Before this feature, I had been working with very limited success to help a Box user integrate with ServiceNow via JWT. JWT are non-trivial to construct and require access to cryptographic tools, so having them in the platform is a big step up. I’m going to walk through the steps I took to get an integration working with Box.