Dave Slusher

9 minute read

One of the many exciting features of the Madrid release is that inclusion of JWT (JSON Web Tokens) as a supported authentication type. Before this feature, I had been working with very limited success to help a Box user integrate with ServiceNow via JWT. JWT are non-trivial to construct and require access to cryptographic tools, so having them in the platform is a big step up. I’m going to walk through the steps I took to get an integration working with Box.

Dave Slusher

7 minute read

Flow Designer is a great tool to create business logic, particularly by those outside of traditional development roles: process owners, subject matter experts and the like. However, it is almost certain that sooner or later they will want to create Flows that require Actions that do not exist in the baseline system nor easily available Spokes. So then what? My suggestion is that this is where the traditional developers should step in, by creating Actions for use by those business users who don’t want to get deep in the implementation details.

Dave Slusher

4 minute read

Last week at Slack Frontiers, a big announcement was made about a new partnership between Slack and ServiceNow. Allan Leinwand (our CTO) joined April Underwood of Slack to discuss and demonstrate the upcoming prebuilt integration between the two services to be released in Kingston. The video is here and the ServiceNow announcement begins around 14:30. Allan also has a blog post discussing the partnership. If you watch the video and/or read the announcement, you might be wondering exactly what this means for ServiceNow developers.