Dave Slusher

5 minute read

It is quite common when developing and troubleshooting integrations that a ServiceNow developer may need some logging around API access. This logging can be required in both directions - in outbound API access of some external service or when providing an API for an external service to integrate inward to your instance. In this blog post, we will examine strategies for outbound logging. Log Levels There are three levels of Outbound Web Service Logging: Basic, Elevated and All.

Josh Nerius

7 minute read

Have you ever run into unexpected behavior when making inbound REST calls to your ServiceNow instance? Perhaps the result of a GET doesn’t contain all of the records you expect it to, or nothing happens when you try to modify a record. In this post, we’ll explore some of the options available for debugging inbound REST API calls and the Business Rules / ACLs that might be impacting those calls.