Josh Nerius

4 minute read

The Istanbul release introduces some very exciting features for APIs and Authentication. This post will bring you up to speed on what’s new, and we’ll follow up with more detailed posts about individual features in the coming days/weeks. New Inbound OAuth 2.0 Features Have you ever tried to build an app that integrates with ServiceNow, only to find that you couldn’t issue API calls on behalf of a specific user unless that user had credentials stored locally in the instance?

Dave Slusher

23 minute read

In the developer program, we have a program where on many Fridays a group of us get together and broadcast ourselves working through code problems. If you’d like to get notification of when we go live or post a new episode, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Here is a list of all the shows to date, grouped by subject matter. Note that episodes may contain multiple subjects and may appear in multiple lists.