Josh Nerius

4 minute read

As highlighted in my New Integration/API and Authentication Features Blog Post, Istanbul introduces two new inbound OAuth 2.0 flows: Authorization Code Grant Flow Implicit Grant Flow These flows allow you to build apps that interact with ServiceNow APIs without needing to be directly aware of an end user’s username/password. Some possible use cases include: Building a mobile (iOS or Android) app that interacts with task records in a ServiceNow instance Building a web application that interacts with ServiceNow on behalf of your users This blog post is a quick tutorial to:

Dave Slusher

23 minute read

In the developer program, we have a program where on many Fridays a group of us get together and broadcast ourselves working through code problems. If you’d like to get notification of when we go live or post a new episode, you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Here is a list of all the shows to date, grouped by subject matter. Note that episodes may contain multiple subjects and may appear in multiple lists.