Andrew Barnes

3 minute read

IntegrationHub week is still going strong! The last two new Paris related features I will highlight on the blog will be the Payload Builder API and the JSON Parser action step. JSON Parser Building and extending spokes is one of my current favorite things to develop. One of the most common parts of integration is handling the response. Introduced in the New York release was the XML Parser step. With the Paris release, the other main format, JSON, is handled with the JSON parser step.

Josh Nerius

2 minute read

The Jakarta release of ServiceNow introduces support for a new import/export data format: JSON. This blog post is a quick overview of where and how you can interact with these new features. Export to JSON From a list of records, you can now choose JSON from the list of file formats when exporting data. Right click the header of any record list and select Export > JSON.

JSON Structure The output of this export is a simple JSON structure.