Dave Slusher

4 minute read

Spoketoberfest is wrapping up. Some of you earned your shirt from Digital Ocean (I did this year). Some of you will continue to work on your Spoke to achieve publishabilty after the month has ended. Once you reach the point of feeling ready to publish your Spoke to Share, what then? In this post, I will walk through the steps. Pre-Publishing Checklist The following are some of the lessons digested from the Spoke best practices document

Dave Slusher

2 minute read

For the past several years, we have piggy-backed on the Digital Ocean event of Hacktoberfest. It started in 2017 when Josh Nerius and I put together a system to allow ServiceNow developers to accept GitHub pull requests. This year, again we are attempting to parasitically attach ourselves to the event but with a twist. Because it is a ServiceNow goal to increase the number of IntegrationHub Spokes in the world, that is what we want to focus on this month.